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Our decades of real estate valuation experience is leading the way for the next-generation of real estate valuation solutions. We leverage the latest technology to deliver the full-spectrum of appraisal and broker price opinion services. To sum it all up, we’re focused on delivering the valuation services that are driving the future of our industry.

Clarocity QuickSurvey™

The global pandemic has exposed a lot of previously unthought of risks including the delivery of the timely, safe, and credible appraisal reports that are the lifeblood of the mortgage industry. Clarocity, the leader in collaborative hybrid valuation solutions, announces QuickSurvey™. Clarocity QuickSurvey™ solves the inspection concerns by engaging the homeowner or designated occupant to collect the data and photos that can be used as part of the appraisal process.

QuickSurvey™ Process

QuickSurvey™ Process

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QuickSurvey™ is a solution and not just technology.

The QuickSurvey™ process leverages mobile technology to engage a designated occupant, homeowner, renter or property manager in our collaborative valuation process. QuickSurvey™ was designed to greatly reduce turn time, increase borrower engagement and in the era of social distancing, to safely allow for interior inspections to continue to support existing appraisal products.

Process takes roughly 15 minutes to complete.

The QuickSurvey™ process shares a secure and dedicated link to the designated occupant or homeowner via email. Once opened, the link will guide the user through a logical and user-friendly series of questions and supporting photos, all of which can be taken directly from the user’s mobile device. The entire survey process takes roughly 15 minutes to complete and is fully supported by our Client Engagement Team. All surveys are reviewed for quality and compliance then appended to the appraiser’s workflow to complete their final appraisal.

Powerful, secure and reliable.

QuickSurvey™ is a powerful, secure and reliable way to engage your borrower, increase efficiency and provide safety during the era of social distancing while maintaining seamless appraisal workflow continuity. All of this occurs at no additional charge when paired with a valuation product.